I was a patient at your nursing facility the last few days of December 2012 and the first few days of 2013. Your people provided me with physical therapy and occupational therapy services following an operation on my foot. Their caring help and therapies enabled me to get back on my feet again, and for that, I am most appreciative.
Your employees - all of them - were most accommodating, friendly, and above all, helpful in my recovery. The therapists were knowledgeable and encouraging, and their programs played a big part in the return of my self confidence.

I was impressed by the cleanliness of my room and the whole facility and I enjoyed the conversations and contacts with the staff. They were quickly responsive to my needs. The food was appetizing - especially the breakfasts - and I was always eager to see what the next mealtime would bring.

Especially heartwarming to my wife and me was your kindness and accommodation. In the sometimes frightening world of ill health, even if it is only temporary, the knowledge that someone really does care that you recover and helps to speed up that recovery is most cheering and welcome.

Donald Smith, previous resident

Jefferson City is a skilled nursing facility in which I am proud to be a resident. I would recommend this nursing facility to anyone seeking a home away from home. Their warm compassion, readiness to help and their energetic efforts to make you feel as comfortable as possible during your stay is overwhelming.

~Alberta Stanley, current resident and Resident Council President

I fell at home on Aug 19th and was hospitalized resulting in a hip replacement.  I required rehab before I could safely go home.  I chose Jefferson City Nursing and Rehabilitation Center for my rehabilitation.  I received extensive therapy and great nursing care.  The therapy dept was extremely knowledgeable and consistent with the therapy and care of my hip.

I feel my successful recovery was because of the excellent care I was given from the staff at Jefferson City Nursing and Rehab.  I would recommend JNCR to anyone needing great therapy and nursing care.

Norma J. Hasselman, 12/29/11

I was injured in an accident and following my hospitalization I was transferred to a critical care hospital for 7 weeks.  My physician met with my family and explained that I would need further rehab therapy in order to get stronger and be able to return home.  My daughter began looking for a nursing place in Jefferson City that would provide me the 24 hr care and therapy I needed.

My daughter was very impressed from the first moment she entered JCNR.  The Admissions Director and the rest of the staff were so helpful, friendly and welcoming.  They understood the difficult decision it was for our family.  The Admissions Director visited me in the hospital and answered the many questions I had with care and compassion.  I felt welcome from the moment I arrived at the facility.  My fears were lifted and I received support from the staff.

I had great care and outstanding therapy.  The staff was just like my family.  I felt blessed that my daughter found JCNR for my rehab.  I would highly recommend JCNR to anyone who needs therapy to return home or a caring, loving place to live long term.

Linda L. Allee